CRE Camp Working Internships

Each year CRE offers a limited number of non-paid student working internships to assist in our summer horsemanship program (beginner, intermediate horsemanship camps and stable hand programs only). Internships are available to CRE students that have participated in a minimum of 3 years of riding lessons with CRE, attended at least 2 weeklong camps with CRE, also must be able to properly to catch, lead and tie up horses, groom and tack up/untack horses without assistance, must be knowledgeable in horse safety, horsemanship skills, have a good work ethic and attitude, be a good role model, be assertive in accomplishing given tasks, be timely and responsible.

All prospective interns must fill out the form below, explaining how they meet these qualifications: (age, background, horse experience, number of years of lessons taken at CRE, number of CRE camps attended, characteristics they feel they possess, how they will demonstrate being a good role model, etc.)

Interns must also submit the dates and location of which camps they are willing/available to assist with.

If approved as an intern, CRE will get in touch with you to confirm camp dates. All interns receive a camp t-shirt and will be able to participate in CRE Helper’s Fun Days (Sunday July 8th, 2018 12:00pm-3:30pm and Thursday August 23rd, 2018 9:00am-1:00pm).

Complete all the following fields and submit the information.

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