CRE Horse Leasing Program


At CRE, we also offer a limited number of leases on a select few of our lesson students. Students that lease must be approved by a CRE Instructor and must be a suitable match with the horse. Students are allowed to either ½ lease or full lease a horse on a month to month bases depending on the horse’s availability. Students that ½ lease must commit to 1 lesson per week and have access to ride the horse outside of lessons if the horse is not in use and when arenas are not in use for lessons. Students that ½ lease will not have access to participate in off site events with leased horse. Students participate in full lease have access to the horse as if it was their own and are able to participate in off site events as approved by CRE instructor. Students that participate in a full lease must commit to six lessons per month. All ½ lease and full lease pay the board of the horse and for their lessons.

½ Lease Board Pricing: $7 per day pasture or covered run (depending on the horse)

Full Lease Board Pricing: $11 per day pasture board and $12.50 per day covered run

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