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Horse Riding Lesson Programs

About our riding program

Our goal for our students is for them to develop confidence in their horsemanship skills in a fun, friendly, safe and educational environment!
- All ages of riders welcome! (Generally at least 5 years old)
- All levels of riders accepted (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
- Students are welcome to bring their own horse or may use one of our lesson horses.

Offering riding instruction in a variety of disciplines:

- Basic Horsemanship
- On the Ground Horsemanship
- English (basic English equitation, introductory dressage and jumping, hunt seat equitation/pleasure)
- Western (Equitation, Pleasure, Trail: competition & recreational)
- Western Dressage
- Rodeo Events (barrels, poles, intro. roping, goat tying)
- Halter & Showmanship

2018 Pricing & Policies:

- Private 1 hour lesson = $65 per student per lesson
- Weekly Scheduled Group Lessons = $45 per student per lesson
- Semi-Private Group Lessons = $45 per student per lesson, 2 plus students
- Purchase four or more lessons in advance and receive $5 off of each lesson
- We accept checks, cash and all major credits for payment.
- All payments are due at beginning of each lesson.
- We have a 24 hour cancellation policy, failure to notify will result in full charge of the lesson!
- Lessons will be cancelled if it is below 20 degrees, feel free to contact us if weather is questionable.
- All riders must sign a release of liability waiver or a parent must sign if student is a minor.
- Pre-purchased lessons expire one year after purchase date.

Serious equestrian? Please read about our Dedicated Rider Program.

Students - Want to learn what it's like to own a horse, without actually buying one? Check out our lease program.

2018 Fall Riding Group Riding Lesson Schedule: (Starts week of August 20th):

Monday: 1:30pm Adult Horsemanship Class/Horse Sense Series
Monday: 4:00pm Youth Beginner Horsemanship Class
Monday: 5:30pm English Equitation and/or Additional Beginner Horsemanship Class
Monday: 6:00pm 3rd Monday of the Month - Gallatin Gallopers 4H Club (GG4H)

Tuesday: 1:00pm-3:00pm Youth Homeschool Horsemanship Class (an additional HS class will be added if needed)
Tuesday: 4:00-5:30pm General Horsemanship Class
Tuesday: 5:30-7:00pm Advanced Horsemanship Class

Wednesday: 4:00pm Beginner Barrel Racing/Pole Bending Class (for students that do not own their own horse)
Wednesday: 5:30-7:00pm Barrel Racing/Pole Bending Class (Limited to students that have their own horse) Only offered during warmer weather months.

Thursday: 4:00-5:30pm General Horsemanship Class
Thursday: 5:30pm Adult Horsemanship Class (Only offered during warmer weather months)

Select Fridays: 4:00-5:30pm Group Speed Event Class

Select Saturdays: 10:00-11:30am Beginner Group Class (Instructed by Amy Perry or Amanda Hart)
Select Saturdays: 11:30am Intermediate Horsemanship Group Class (Instructed by Amy Perry or Amanda Hart)

Additional Group Lessons:

Additional group classes may be scheduled upon request. Please check the Group Riding Lesson Schedule.
Group Riding Lesson Schedule

Private Lessons available:

Please check the Private Lesson Calendars to schedule Semi-Private Lessons.
Amy Perry Schedule
Amanda Hart Schedule
Sue VanGalder Schedule

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Bozeman, Montana Group Class Descriptions:

'Mom and Me'/ 'Parent and Me' Classes! (These can be scheduled as a semi-private lesson)
This class is designated for 'Mom's/Parents and Children' that are interested in riding together. This is a basic horsemanship class that will cover horse safety, grooming, tacking up and riding. Students will learn warm up stretches, basic rail work and horsemanship patterns.

Youth Beginner Horsemanship Class
In the beginner horsemanship class we will cover basic aspects of horsemanship riding: 1st half hour is safety, grooming, tacking up the horse, followed by riding which includes a warm-up, stretches, rail work and then we will work on a horsemanship patterns. This class is designed for students with no prior to little riding experience. Students will learn how to walk and trot. Students are welcome to ride English or Western. Each student will have a helper available to them until they feel confident to ride independently.

General Horsemanship Class
This class is designated for riders (youth or adult) who are fairly confident in their riding skills, able to walk, trot and starting to canter on a horse. We will do a warm up, rail work and horsemanship patterns. We will work on fine tuning the technique and approach to pattern work, a strong emphasis will be put on developing the rider’s equitation/seat. Riders may ride English or Western.

Advanced Horsemanship Class
We will cover basic aspects of riding: warm up, stretches, rail work and then we will work on a horsemanship patterns.This class is designed for students who are comfortable at a walk and trot, canter and wanting to fine tune their skills. This class is designed for students that have their own horse, leased horse or access to horse approved by instructor. Students are welcome to ride English or Western. All ages welcome to attend, as long as they are confident riders.

Adult Horsemanship Class
In the adult horsemanship class we will cover basic aspects of riding: warmup, stretches, rail work and then we will work on a horsemanship patterns. This class is designed for students who are gaining basic riding skills or perhaps have not ridden for awhile and wanting to build their confidence up in the saddle. Students will learn/work on how to walk, trot and eventually canter. Students are welcome to ride English or Western. For the summer months the Monday at 1:30 class will be combined with the Horse Sense Class Series. The 1st Monday of the month this class will be held on the ground and will cover our "Horse Sense Class Series."

• June 4th Trailering/Traveling with your horse
• July 2nd Equine First Aid
• August 6th On the Ground Horsemanship
• A 4th class may be scheduled upon request if there is enough interest, please email/message and let us know. The 4th class would cover nutrition/management, horse conformation/anatomy/breed types.

Barrel Racing Class
This class is designed for students that would like to work on barrel racing. This class is open to all ages of riders as long as they are comfortable and able to ride independently at the walk, trot and lope/canter. In each class students will warm up their horses and learn about the importance of warm exercises for themselves and their horses. The last portion of class will be spent working on the barrel pattern. Students are welcome to bring their own horse to class! Allow for time to un-tack your horse after the lesson.

Rodeo Class
Each week this class will focus on a different rodeo event (Barrels, Poles, Roping, Goat Tying) We will work on warm up exercises, style and technique for each event. We will work with you at your level from introductory to more experienced. Students should be fairly independent in their riding, able to walk, trot comfortably. Bring your horse or use one of ours. Ropes/other equipment will be provided but if you have your own feel free to bring it.

Horse Sense Class Series
Open to all ages, who are serious horse enthusiasts. This class is all on the ground, no riding. This is a 4 series class developed to teach all aspects of horse husbandry. Class will cover feeding/nutrition, first aid/TPR's, traveling/trailering with your horse, horse management practices, horse conformation/anatomy/breed types. This is an ideal class for anyone considering purchasing a horse or new to owning a horse. Each student will receive a journal. This class can be scheduled on request. A minimum of 5 participants required.

Additional Classes can be scheduled by request!

For information on lessons PLEASE contact us!

Bozeman, Montana - Amy Perry (406) 282-3355

Grass Valley, California - Jose Mendoza (530) 368-4771