COVID-19 Lessons Shutdown | How You Can Help

COVID-19 Lessons Shutdown | How You Can Help

Published: April 3, 2020

Author: Amy Prechter

As with many small Montana businesses the COVID-19 virus has drastically affected Cedar Ridge Equine and we are currently not able to give lessons. We've had numerous people reach out already about how they can help and wanted to re-launch again our sponsorship program of the youth camps.
Message from the Horses
We have been temporarily put out of work due to the COVID-19 virus. We will not get the pleasure to meet new humans day to day like normal and get the daily exercise we so badly desire. It is ok though, we will be here when everyone of you returns.  If you were interested in helping us out in the mean time, would be to sponsor one of us for a month until we get through this storm. This would help our owner cover the costs to feed and maintain us. We eat a lot of hay daily, roughly 20lbs give or take. We also love safe choice senior, as many of us are older and have many years of work experience.  If you would like any more information on how you could help feel free to reach out to our leader Amy by phone or email and consider one of the sponsorship packages. Im sure she would enjoy some human interaction as well. 
The Herd at CRE
Every year we offer a unique opportunity for sponsorships of CRE. This allows us to offset some of the cost that keeps camp cost to a minimum and it also allows us to continue offering sponsorships to students that otherwise wouldn't be able to attend camps as well to take top quality care of our horses. This month we have been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 virus and have had to shut down all lessons to the public, which is a primary source of income for CRE during the fall, winter and spring months. 
CRE owns a large horse herd which allows us to have many horses available for al levels and disciplines for riders that are not able to have their own horse. Many of you have inquired on how to support CRE through this challenging time and we have put together a couple of options. One would be to become a sponsor of CRE and in turn you would receive advertising (if you would like) as a thank you for your support. A second way to help us would be to purchase gift cards or to pre-pay for lessons, camps, clinics in advance. 
Purchase Gift Cards Or Lessons On Our Online Store
Buckskin - $600 plus
Name on Summer end buckles that are given to the top wranglers, interns, stable hands, etc. as well as everything in the Palomino package.
Palomino - $600
Year long banner hung on the fence in one of the arenas, Year long company name on website and social media, Company name on t-shirts, Company name on all camper packets.
Paint - $300
Year long company name on website and social media, Company name on t-shirts, Company name on all camper packets.
Sorrel - $200
Company name on t-shirts, Company name on all camper packets.
Grey - $100 or less
Company name on all camper packets.
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