Covid-19 Update "Lets Ride"

Covid-19 Update "Lets Ride"

Published: April 27, 2020

Author: Amy Prechter

Cedar Ridge Equine, LLC
Acknowledgement and Participation in COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Below is a list of sanitary guidelines that we will be asking of all of our students, clients, parents, staff to acknowledge and participate in to the best of their ability. By reading and signing this document you are committing to upholding these guidelines and understand the risks of exposure involved in participating in this recreational activity.

  • We ask that all students who have symptoms of being sick to stay home, the same policy applies to our employees/staff.

  • CRE will be taken all necessary steps to sanitize all equipment, tack, door handles, etc. and public spaces in between use.

  • Please abide and be respectful of others space social distancing at least 6 ft away from everyone.

  • Please help us by showing up with clean hands and following the guidelines we are providing.

  • For our beginner students that are unable to tack up a horse on their own we will have a new lesson

    format in place for several weeks. We will be taking extra precautions and will have horses prepared and tacked up for riding ahead of time, which will reduce close contact between student and instructors. In place of each student tacking up their horse we will provide a demonstration for students to watch/question/answer at each lesson. The same protocol will occur at the end of each lesson for untacking. Students will be allowed to give the horse that they rode a treat after the lesson. All tack will be wiped down and sanitized once it is on the horse and again after each use.

  • All Students should consider wearing clean gloves for riding. We will have disposable gloves available if needed.

  • We are not requiring use of masks at this time, will leave this up to each students/parents discretion.

  • It would be ideal for students to provide and use their own helmet at this time, however we will wipe

    down/sanitize our helmets if they are needed for a student to use. Helmets can be purchase at Murdochs, Four Corners Saddlery (if you are a 4H member make sure to ask for discount at either location, available online at various horse Websites such as, chick saddlery, or Amazon).

  • We will ask that if at all possible when parents drop off/pick up students to stay inside vehicles as much as possible rather than waiting in our viewing areas to limit the number of visitors on site at one time. A limited number of parents will be allowed to view lessons around outdoor arena as long as 6ft social distancing practices are utilized and that you provide your own chairs for use if needed.

  • Sanitizing stations will be available and encouraged for students/parents/employees/staff to utilize while on site.

  • Please make sure to sign up on the online schedule available at on the lesson page. We must stick to guidelines on class sizes, so if you show up and are not on the schedule you will be sent home. If class if full feel free to sign up and be added to the waitlist as we may have cancellations or will be able to add additional classes/lessons if there is demand.

  • We will ask all students/parents if student is a minor to acknowledge and sign a copy of these guidelines to be kept on file. Submission of signed form electronically/email would be ideal (however we will have paper copies as well).

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