Cedar Ridge Horse Training

Horse training in Bozeman, Montana provided by equine professional Amy Prechter

Training Philosophy:
I believe in developing a soft, light in the mouth, and responsive horse. To accomplish this, one must develop a feel for each horse to best develop an individualized training plan. I emphasize on-the-ground training until the horse is ready for mounted training. My motto is "smoothness before speed" for all of my riding students and horses in training. Horses must develop confidence in the very basic elements before they can advance. Please refer to my professional vitae for a glimpse at my extensive background in the equestrian world as well as in youth education.

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Training is offered in a variety of areas/disciplines:
- Colt starting
- Finishing training in competitive show and rodeo events:
- Hunter Pleasure
- Introductory and Training Level Dressage
- Western Pleasure
- Western Dressage
- Cowboy Dressage
- Trail: Competitive and Recreational
- Barrel Racing
- Pole Bending
- Roping/Goat Tying Events

Training Prices:
- $30 per ride, with a minimum of 3 rides per week, plus board
- 5 rides per week is recommended for a horse being started.

Boarding Prices:
- $11.50 per day (12 x 36) partial covered run.
- $13.00 per day covered pen board.
- Board must be paid one month in advance.

- Feeding 2x daily
- Daily pen cleaning (bedding is additional charge)
- Feeding of grain/supplements if horse requires (grain supplements must be provided by owner)
- Blanketing/unblanketing of horse (blanket must be provided by owner)
- Scheduling of farrier/vet if needed

Pricing Effective September 1st, 2020

All necessary tack is provided for full lease horses.
Full lease horses can be taken off site.

Full Lease Board Pricing:
$15.00 per day covered run
$12.50 per day pasture board
Plus is responsible for full costs of veterinary care, farrier, additional supplements/medications. Leaser's that wish to insure the leased horse may do so at their expense. Leasers are provided with all tack for leased horse.

Overnight Temporary Boarding for Camps/Clinics
$15 per night if you provide hay and cleaning
$25 a night if we provide cleaning and hay

Optional Horse Care and other Service Costs provided by CRE:
- No competition coaching fee for dedicated riders at events.
- $30.00 per month - On site Trailer Parking
- $50.00 per month - Distribution of daily grain and supplements to your horse. (This includes purchase of Safe Choice: Maintenance, Performance or Senior), however additional supplements are an additional charge.
- $25.00 per month - Distribution of daily grain and supplements to your horse and owner provides the grain and supplements.
- $30.00 per month - Blanketing/Unblanketing of your horse.
- $7.00 administration fee per time, for vaccinations or medication
- $20.00 per lunge for lunging exercise of your horse or $30.00 per ride
- $35.00 for bandaging of wounds if we provide supplies / $20.00 if owner provides supplies
- $12.00 per horse for deworming every 3 months (price may vary based on dewormer product type)

Amy Prechter Horse Trainer Competition
Amy Prechter Horse Trainer Barrel Racing

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