CRE Dedicated Rider Program

At CRE, we offer a unique program for the dedicated, serious equestrian riders. On a limited/approved basis, we allow a limited number of students to board their horse at CRE or to lease one of our horses (see leasing page for more details below). There is a very limited number of lease horses available. The students must commit to participating in a minimum of 6 lessons per month (group, semi-private, or private lessons), this policy helps to ensure that the students are dedicated to learning and growing with their horse. These lessons do not rollover into the following months. They must be utilized the month they were purchased for (exceptions for extreme circumstances), lessons can be substituted with rides/training sessions by Amy Prechter. Dedicated riders have access to using indoor/outdoor arenas and round pen when lessons are not in session. Dedicated riders have access to participating in a variety of clinics, camps, lessons and events offered onsite by CRE. Dedicated Riders under the age of 18 must be supersized by an adult when riding during open riding times/when they are not in a riding lesson supervised by instructor. We do not offer general boarding at our facility.

Pricing Effective December 1st, 2022

Training Prices:
- $40 per ride, with a minimum of 3 rides per week, plus board
- 5 rides per week is recommended for a horse being started.

All necessary tack is provided for full lease horses.
Full lease horses can be taken off site. 1/2 leased horses must stay on site.

Boarding (self owned horse) and Full Lease Board Pricing:
$22.00 per day covered run
$19.50 per day pasture board
Plus is responsible for full costs of veterinary care, farrier, additional supplements/medications. Leaser's that wish to insure the leased horse may do so at their expense. Leasers are provided with all tack for leased horse.
Board must be paid one month in advance.

- Feeding 2x daily
- Daily pen cleaning for covered pens, includes bedding.
- Scheduling of farrier/vet if needed

Overnight Temporary Boarding for Camps/Clinics
$15 per night if you provide hay and cleaning
$25 a night if we provide cleaning and hay

Optional Horse Care and other Service Costs provided by CRE:
- No competition coaching fee for dedicated riders at events.
- $1 per day - On site Trailer Parking
- $30.00 per month - Distribution of daily grain and supplements to your horse and owner provides the grain and supplements.
- $50.00 per month - Blanketing/Unblanketing of your horse.
- $50.00 per month - Turnout (3 days a week, for horses kept individual covered runs, where turnout is not included)
- $15.00 administration fee per time, for vaccinations or medication
- $20.00 per lunge for lunging exercise of your horse or $35.00 per ride
- $35.00 for bandaging of wounds if we provide supplies / $20.00 if owner provides supplies
- $20.00 per horse for deworming every 3 months (price may vary based on dewormer product type)
- $20.00 per session - Assistance with horse for vet/farrier for a CRE employee to bring your horse in and hold them

Rides, Lessons, Classes
- $40 per ride by Amy Prechter
- $85 per private lesson for riders with their own horse and tack
- $100 per private lesson for riders that need a lesson horse and tack
- $65 per beginner group lesson where tack/horses provided
- $55 per group lesson for all riders with their own horse and tack
- $65 per group lesson for all riders that need a lesson horse and tack OR are not boarding/leasing a horse at CRE
- Discounts available for all boarders/leasers - please contact for amount

Featured Dedicated Riders

Dedicated Riders Sophia & Olivia Place at UBRC Nationals
A big congratulations to these young ladies for placing in the top ten in the year end youth high point standings for the UBRC 2021 National Championships!

CRE Dedicated Riders have success at 2020 UBRC National Finals!
CRE Dedicated Riders have success at 2020 UBRC National Finals! We are so proud of each and every one of them!

Dedicated Rider Olivia Elliott
Hi, my name is Olivia Elliott and my horse is Sinjin. We are both 13 years old, and I am in 8th grade. Sinjin and I have only been together since December 2019. When I first saw him, it was love at first sight. I have loved horses all my life, but started riding just last spring.

Dedicated Rider Sophia Bates
Hi my name is Sophia Bates, I am 12 years old and in 7th grade. I have been obsessed with horses since I was about 5 and when my family and I moved to Montana In 2016 my dream came true.

Dedicated Rider Natalie Mason
Hi. My name is Natalie Mason. I'm 17 years old and a Junior at Bozeman High School. I started riding at the age of 2 1/2 at Eagle Mount. I started riding with Amy 10 years ago.

Dedicated Rider Vivian Ripley
Vivian Ripley has been riding at CRE since she was 5 years old.

Dedicated Rider Ava Shepherd
My name is Ava Shepherd. I am currently a freshman at Bozeman High School. I have been riding at CRE since 2015.

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