Dedicated Rider Vivian Ripley

Dedicated Rider Vivian Ripley

Published: December 12th, 2019

Author: Vivian Ripley

I have been riding at CRE since I was 5 years old. My favorite parts of CRE are the great lessons, nice people, how encouraging everyone is, and how many opportunities you get to go out somewhere fun.

My horse Sassy and I are both willing to try everything together, but my main discipline is barrels. Sassy and I have won a couple awards at CRE fun days, we won some money at a race, and that was fun.

My name is Vivian, Vivian Ripley. I am 11 years oldand I'm in 6th grade. My main goals currently are to focus on Sassy staying somewhat in shape, winning with an 18-second run, and earning money to buy more things for Sassy.

My horse Sassy and I have stuck together for quite awhile. When I rode in lessons before leasing and owning, she was my favorite horse. I would always ask the instructor teaching my lesson to get me on Sassy.

I started leasing Sassy he rin June of 2019, everyone told me I was perfect on Sassy and that we were the perfect pair. I was also told I was the only one "who could get this horse going." Whenever anyone else would hop on her she was a couch potato. I spent six days a week at CRE that summer: I was a wrangler in camps and after camp ended, I would spend the rest of the day messing around with Sassy.

The last camp week of that summer I was a participant. When we were ready to head to lunch one day, Natalie (Sassy's old owner) took her from me and hopped on. My friends and I were very confused. Next things I knew, Amy and Sue were saying all these wonderful things about me and Sassy. Finally, Natalie hopped off and gave me the reins. Amy, Sue, Natalie, and my dad all surprised me by buying Sassy for me! I was so happy I burst into tears; this was definitely the greatest day of my life.

I love CRE because people make it feel like home and more.

And I am thankful for CRE because my life wouldn't be so great without horse, Amy, Sue, Emma, McKenna, Megan and my friends.


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